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Your #1 Festival & Concert Must-Have (Hair Tinsel)

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Your #1 Festival & Concert Must-Have (Hair Tinsel)

If you are going to Coachella, Stagecoach, or ANY sort of concert this Spring/Summer, you need to make sure to order yourself some hair tinsel.

We all know how important the outfit is that the hair tends to get put on the back burner... But guess what, we have a super easy, affordable, & ADORABLE hair accessory to get you through your weekend. Effortless is our vibe around here. Yes, we want to look A+, but most importantly we want to feel good and comfortable!!! Simply clip in your hair tinsel, add a couple loose waves & baby braids, and you're good to go. 

Coachella hair in 3..2..1..

How do they stay in my hair?

If you've ever used any of our clip-in extensions, it is a similar type of clip situation. Otherwise, if you've ever used a comb or barrette before, it's the same. Simply slide your clips downwards into your hair and snap into place. Keep scrolling for a step by step video!

How many clips are included?

There are 8 clips included in a pack of hair tinsel. Perfect to clip throughout your hair for allll the sparkles, or share a few with your bestie! 

Pink Hair Tinsel

Can you use hot tools on them?

Oh, yes. That's the best part about our tinsel. Pull out your curling iron and get to curling! We just recommend setting hot tools to 400 degrees or less.

Gold Hair Tinsel

Are they able to be cut?

Duh! That's why these come so long in the first place, customize them to ANY hair length. Simply clip in your hair tinsel & cut off any excess below your normal hair length.

Silver Hair Tinsel

24" Extensions Sandy Blonde


BFB Hair Team 

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