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Top 5 Drugstore Leave-In Conditioners to Revive Dry & Frizzy Hair

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Top 5 Drugstore Leave-In Conditioners to Revive Dry & Frizzy Hair

Gosh, there are just so many hair products on the market nowadays, it's hard to keep up. Need a shampoo for this, a mask for that, hair oils, sprays, heat protectants, the list could go on and on. And we can't even begin to describe how extensive some of these hair routines are.. But us, there's one product that we can't live without.. A good old leave-in. If you don't already have a leave-in conditioner in your cabinet, nows the time to go pick up one!

Here's the basis on why we love using a leave-in on the daily - perfect for detangling, smoothing, moisturizing AND heat protecting. Our favorite type of product is one that has multiple benefits, rather than just one. Opt for a leave in conditioner that has a bonus heat protectant included! Add in a few sprays of leave-in to your damp hair, and you are good to get to styling. Perfect for detangling your BFB extensions & adding in your heat spray.. How to properly wash your BFB hair extensionsNow keep scrolling for our top 5 drugstore leave-in conditioners to revive dry and frizzy hair, let's get to it!

1. It's a 10 miracle leave-in product

It's a 10, $12.49

There's a reason why we have seen this brand in stores forever now. It's similar to a high-end leave-in conditioner, but with a drugstore price. I mean could we ask for anything better? In addition to silk amino acids nourishing your strands, there is also a heat protectant included!

2. Kristin Ess leave-in conditioner

Kristin Ess Leave-In, $11

Not only does this product create weightless shine & moisture throughout hair, it is a killer detangler for those matted knots. If you struggle with dry, damaged, or color-treated hair, this will be your go-to!

3. Eva NYC smoothing leave-in cream

Eva NYC Leave-In, $12.99

If you are blessed with already thick hair, eva nyc will be your best friend. Or those of us struggling with major damage and breakage. Packed full of ingredients to leave your thick strands feeling like silk. And yes, this one includes a heat protectant as well. 2-in-1, yes please, couldn't ask for anything better! 

4. The Honest company conditioning detangler

The Honest Company Detangler, $6.99

For those of us with a minimal hair routine or if you have kids, The Honest Company detangler is a must-have!!! We love this detangler because it's lightweight and smells of sweet orange & vanilla, to die for. Perfect for those of us with straight, thinning, or fine hair.

5. Not your mothers blonde moment leave-in

Not Your Mothers Blonde Moment Leave-In, $8.99

For our blonde babes, the ones who love a cool or ashy toned blonde, you need this! Not only will this give you all the extra moisture & detangle locks, but helps prevent any unwanted brassy tones, kind of like a purple shampoo would.



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