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Your BFB Guide to Coachella & Festival Hair - 6 Hairstyle Trends to Try

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Your BFB Guide to Coachella & Festival Hair - 6 Hairstyle Trends to Try

It's festival season ladies!! Time to get in the mood because it's one of our favorite times of the year, Coachella time! And us at BFB, we are just here to make the preparation process go a little bit smoother. We get just how important your weekend 1 look is, and hair is major, so let's knock off one thing on that to-do list! 

Gold Hair Tinsel

Hairstyle #1

We are ALL about the flowers lately, and we think that this is going to be THE trend of Coachella 2023! Watch our video below to see how we achieved this flower wrapped pony!

Hairstyle #2

14" Fill-Ins

The ease and comfortability of our Fill-Ins is truly unmatched. For this specific hairstyle we inserting 14" Fill-Ins for extra volume, naturally, and followed up with some messy space buns. We definitely want our hair out of our face for the weekend ahead, so this is perfect.

Hairstyle #3


If you are anything like us, you'll probably want that hair free from your face & out of the way! For this hairstyle we used the bfb UP to create a thicker, longer braid. We then twisted in a ribbon for ALL the festival vibes! Easy and cute is our vibe.

Hairstyle #4

21" Classic Set

Our classic BFB Babe!!! Clip in your Classic Set for mermaid hair for daysssss.

Hairstyle #5

For our simple boho girls, 14" Fill-Ins and a little bit of temporary hair dye will do you some good! For this one we clipped in a set of 14" Fill-Ins & pulled hair up half-up-half-down. Fishtail strands down and you are good to go!

Hairstyle #6

Now this one's to die for, don't you think?! For this hairstyle we inserted a 21" Classic Set and twisted hair back into low pigtails. We love! 

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