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4 Easy Heatless Hairstyles to Try This Spring | BFB Hair

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4 Easy Heatless Hairstyles to Try This Spring | BFB Hair

The sun is officially out & spring is in the air!!! Well, for some of us.. If you are somewhere where the snow is still falling, let's just pretend & get ourselves in the spirit! Our favorite part about Spring time are the new trends, and hair isn't any different! Today we have rounded up a list of our FAVORITE heatless hairstyles to try this Spring. P.s. we could all use an extra bit of volume & thickness, opt for our Fill-Ins!

1. Massive Boho Braids for days

A true BFB Babe is one with a thick, long, luscious, boho braid. Braids for dayssss over here at BFB, we live for them! For this hairstyle we inserted the 21" Classic for extra length AND volume. You could also use the bfb UP for a hairstyle like this, but we opted for a Classic Set that way we get the MOST amount of volume and length.

2. Chic & effortless messy buns

Like we were talking about previously, the UP is our go-to for any and all types of up-dos, especially buns. We all know how frustrating it can be to throw you hair up into a bun & noticing how sad and thin strands look.. Simply part your hair half-up-half-down & clip in your ultra thick weft, the UP! Pull hair back into your ideal bun size & you are good to go! Thicker buns & ponytails in 3...2...1...

3. Bubble Braids with the BFB Up!

Another hairstyle we love using our UP for, a bubble pony or any sort of braid! Not only can the UP add some length to your favorite up-do type hairstyles, it is really meant to add back in that volume. Voluminous ponytails just became so much easier!

4. Claw clip it UP!


Do you have one of our marbled claw-clips yet?! If not, you need one for this spring! This is our favorite hairstyle for days when we can't bother to do anything special to our hair. Simply twist hair up into your favorite claw-clip hairstyle, and clip in one of our go-to BFB claw clips.

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