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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Hair Extensions

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Hair Extensions

If you've been in the market for hair extensions for that everyday wear, or even for those special occasions, now is the time to pull the trigger. Achieve the hair of your dreams in minutes, with BFB! If you know anything about us, here at BFB we are all about the ease and comfortability, especially when it comes to your hair and wearing hair extensions. There are so many on the market, so many different types, prices, real or fake, the list could go on and on... But today we are here to make the process a bit more smooth and seamless, just like our extensions. From the second you log onto our website, to color-matching, to tips & tricks, we have covered it all below! Keep reading for everything you need to know before ordering some BFB Hair. 

Shade Shown: Iced Latte

Order a Color Match Kit 

First things first, color match! If this is your first time buying BFB Hair Extensions & you have absolutely NO idea which shade to choose, you aren't alone. Surprisingly enough most of us will end up choosing the wrong shade first, which is why we recommend ordering a Color Match Kit. Doing this first will be ideal, that way you know exactly which shade matches you the best before ordering that full set of extensions.

Order a Color Match Kit here!

Match extensions to your ends, not your roots

Once you have your sample wefts in your hands, it's important to match to the ends of your hair NOT your roots. While it might sound weird to not match your whole head, the ends are really where it matters. If you find a shade that matches your ends perfectly, but the root is too light, you can easily root spray! Read more about how we root spray at home here

Get Color-Match help! 

If you are in a time crunch and don't have time to order a Color Match Kit first, we are always here to help! Book a 15-minute zoom call here, or if you are local to Arizona you can book an in-person appointment here. We are also available via Instagram DM if you are needing extra color-match help! 

Are you wanting to add length, volume, or BOTH?

Now that you know which shade matches you the best, it is time to order yourself a full set! If you are wanting to add both length AND volume to your hair, you'll want to look at our Classic Sets or the No-Show. Otherwise, our Fill-Ins are perfect for adding back in extra volume/thickness to your current hair length. Learn more about the Fill-Ins here

Watch our inserting video + follow along for more tips and tricks!

Inserting is super easy, watch our video below so you can follow along throughout the inserting process. 

How to properly wash your extensions

Once you have your very won set of extensions, it's important to take extra care of them. Treat them how you would your own hair, if not better! Watch our video below to see how we properly wash our BFB Extensions at home. Silky, shiny, locks in 3..2..1..

Get them trimmed up

Yes, you can in fact get your extensions customized!! If you aren't loving how your extensions are blending, you can take them in to get trimmed up! Most of us have our own type of haircut, personalized to us, so you may need to do that to your extensions! We recommend taking them into a trusted hairstylist for trimming, and starting off with the tester weft before the full set. 


BFB Hair Team

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