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Top 5 Drugstore Heat Protectants

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Top 5 Drugstore Heat Protectants

If you like to style your hair with hot tools or own a set of our clip-in extensions, listen up!! We all tend to get in the same routine after a while, especially when it comes doing and styling our hair. Once you get into the rhythm it's hard to switch things up or add in another product, we get it we get it! Lathering on another product seems annoying and we would rather make things simple... But here's the thing, if there is one product that we think you MUST be using, it's a heat protectant. When you don't use a heat protectant you have no barrier between strands and your hot tools, essentially frying away hair... You need some sort of barrier!!! 

Even if you feel like you rarely use heat on your hair, or its pretty quick, a protectant will be key in keeping hair silky smooth. If you want to combat dry, dull, breaking hair, you need a heat protectant. Keep reading for our top 10 drugstore heat protectants, ones that won't break the bank....

1. Eva NYC

Eva NYC Mane Magic, $12.99

We love a heat protectant that kind of does it all, not just protect against heat.. For example, the Eva NYC 10-1 Primer not only protects against the harmful heat on strands, but it is made up on argon oil & sunflower seed oil to give hair extra shine and moisture. This is our type of heat protectant all day everyday!  

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2. Kristen Ess

Kristin Ess Blow Dry Mist, $15

We have been loving all things Kristin Ess recently. Not only does this blow dry mist cut down on the blow-drying process entirely, but it leaves strands feeling smoother then before.. Plus protects from any potential heat damage! 

3. It's A Ten Miracle Leave-In

It's A 10 Leave-In, $18.96

Looking for a light-weight thermal spray that's also counts as a leave-in? It's a ten will be the one! This lightweight spray is best to use in damp hair before brushing or styling. We also love to spray in our hand and distribute throughout strands for a finishing cream.

4. Aussie Heat Protection Spray

Aussie Total Miracle, $5.29

We mentioned Aussie in our previous blog post, Favorite Drugstore Hair Masks, and Aussie came in at #1 as our favorite drugstore hair mask, & that's for a reason.. If you are looking for a super simple heat protectant, Aussie will be the one. Infused with apricot and macadamia oils creating a barrier between your hair and heat. Plus its only $5 so it's a steal!

5. OGX Thermal Spray

OGX Thermal Spray, $7.59

This OGX spray protects hair up to 450 degrees AND cuts down on drying time. I mean what more could we want?! 

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