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5 Things To Look For When Buying Hair Extensions | BFB Hair

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5 Things To Look For When Buying Hair Extensions | BFB Hair

So you're finally ready to bite the bullet and get yourself a set of clip-in hair extensions. Or maybe you are an avid extension user who's ready to take out those tape-ins and get yourself a set of clip-ins.. We are here to give you all of our top tips when looking for quality hair extensions!!

Tape-in or sewn-in extensions are not only costly, but the upkeep is a lot.. Let alone them being uncomfortable when it comes to showering or sleeping. With clip-ins you are free to clip in and out as you please. We are huge of comfort and ease around here,¬†especially when it comes to hair. Now let's get into our top tips!¬†‚¨áÔłŹ

Step #1. Would clip-in extensions work for my hair type?

If you are not 100% sure if clip-in extensions will work for you & your hair, we are happy to help! Sending over a simple picture of your current hair length will help us determine which product will work best for you. In general, hair that is extremely thin or fine, you may want to choose something that will be the lightest on your hair.

Whether you are wanting Fill-Ins for extra thickness to your current hair (no length), a Classic Set or No-Show for the ultimate length AND volume transformation, or an UP for your up-dos, we have you covered on all sides! Book a 15-minute zoom call here, or if you are local to AZ in-person appts are available here.  

Step #2. Look for 100% real human Remy hair

One of the most important things to consider when buying clip-in hair, is the quality of the hair. Buying hair extensions that are 100% real human Remy hair will not only look more natural, but you will get a longer lifespan out of them. A good quality clip-in will not only guarantee luscious locks, but long-lasting. If you end up opting for a cheaper alternative, you may notice them shedding & getting tangled easily. You also cannot heat style with synthetic hair, so put away your curlers & flat irons because those will be a no go! We always always recommend 100% real human Remy hair. 

Step #3. Look for silicone lined clips

Make sure you are looking for extensions that have silicone-lined clips. Not only are those the most comfortable & easiest solution when clipping in, but it is also the safest option for your hair. The last thing we want is your clip-in extensions  pulling on stray pieces of hair. Silicone lined clips sit on your hair comfortably and provides a barrier between your hair and the clip. An all around must!

Step #4. Seamless wefts always

We've noticed that most people have strayed away from clip-in extensions because of the fear that they will show through. We feel the same! Look for extensions that are seamless, meaning the weft. Clip-ins that have seamless wefts lay flatter & are easier to hide. 

21" Classic Set

Step #5. Look for a brand with a range of shades

A tell tale sign of bad hair extensions is the color being off. You need to make sure your extensions will blend in seamlessly to your current hair color. Look for a wide range of shades, that way you're more likely to find your perfect match. Our best tip is to match to the ends of your hair, rather than the roots. 

Need helping choosing a shade? Book a 15-minute zoom call here, or if you are local to AZ in-person appts are available here. 



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