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How To: Use a Leave-In Conditioner for Soft & Shiny Hair

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How To: Use a Leave-In Conditioner for Soft & Shiny Hair

So many different hair products on the market... So many different steps in your hair routine... I know, I know, we get it! There's a lot out there for your hair nowadays, not just shampoo and conditioner. But if there's one hair product that we think EVERYONE should be using no matter your hair type, it would be a leave-in conditioner. Not only is it ideal for detangling after getting out of the shower, you will be left with soft and silky locks. 

Top 10 Drugstore Hair Favorites

Use after the shower & comb through

Rule #1 is always apply your leave-in conditioner AFTER the shower, when hair is wet or even damp. Spritz in a few drops & distribute thoroughly, focusing mainly on your ends. You now can comb through to evenly disperse the product through strands. Your hair will thank you. Softer, shiny, more manageable locks are in your future. We always recommend using a comb when hair is damp or wet, since this is when hair is most prone to breakage. Read our blog post on Hair Brushing 101 for all the tips & tricks. 

Some of Our favorites

Dae Leave-In Conditioner, $28

Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner, $11 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In, $40

Using on extensions

After washing your BFB Extensions, always always spritz on a leave-in conditioner!!!! Not only will it help detangle but you'll get your heat protectant step checked off as well. You need a heat protectant before heat styling your extensions. Read more about how to properly wash your extensions here

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