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How To: Achieve Sofia Richies Wedding Up-Do

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How To: Achieve Sofia Richies Wedding Up-Do

Sofia Richies wedding look is one that we just can't get over. Classy and elegant. She has officially brought back a sleek bun for the big day, and we aren't mad about it. Curious how to achieve this thick slicked bun? We have a solution for you - The BFB UP! Just keep reading for all the deets.

2022 was the year of soft Hollywood glam waves... & we still die over this hairstyle, one because it's so simple to achieve with clip-in hair extensions, and just so elegant. If you are a bridal hair stylist or are a soon-to-be-bride scouring the Pinterest boards, you know what we're talking about. It is stunning & elegant, but sometimes we want our hair completely out of our face to dance the night away. Bridal buns are so in! And you can thank Sofia Richie for this one. 

Shade Shown: 

You need the UP

First things first, to achieve this super sleek & voluminous low-bun, you need a ponytail extension. We created The UP for the ultimate up-do transformation, with both length AND volume. An ultra thick weft to make all types of up-dos go from thin & sparse, to thick & voluminous!

Shade Shown: Chestnut

How To: Color Match At Home

Inserting the UP

Inserting the UP is easy, and will really only take you seconds. Part your hair half-up-half-down & secure excess hair with a clip. You can play around with how much hair you grab depending on what type of up-do you are doing. Grab your UP and clip in straight on the back of your head. Take out excess hair & pull back into a pony, braid, bun, etc. Follow along below! ⬇️

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