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How To Color Match (BFB Hair)

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How To Color Match (BFB Hair)

If you are in the market for longer, thicker, more voluminous hair, but have no idea where to start or how to achieve the hair of your dreams.. We have made the color-matching process for extensions seamless and easy. No idea where to start or how to find your perfect shade? We are here to make things super easy! Order a Color Match Kit and follow our tips below! New hair in 3...2...1... 

In a time crunch? Get color matched by one of our team members! Book a 15-minute zoom call here. If you are local to AZ, in-person appointments available here!

Order a color match kit

Your best bet at knowing exactly which shade you match, is to order a Color Match Kit. We always always recommend ordering a Color Match Kit FIRST to be sure on your shade. Simply choose 3-5 sample wefts for $2 each to add to your cart & head to check out! Once you receive your kit, you now can decide which shade matches best before ordering your BFB Extensions. 

Color-match to your ends, not your roots

It's important to remember to match your sample wefts to the ends of your hair, not your roots! If the end of one shade matches you, but your root is darker, that's an easy solution! Root spraying is a super easy & affordable option for girlies with darker roots. Plus, it's temporary! 

*BFB Bonus Tip: We love to use the Loreal Root Spray to spray for a darker root, which most of us have nowadays. Learn more about how we root-spray here!

In a time crunch but still want to go ahead and order your BFB Extensions? It's shade comparison time! Learn more about all of our Blonde, Brunette, and Red shades, individually. Plus see each shade on a model before ordering your full set.

Choosing The Correct Blonde Shade

Choosing The Correct Brunette Shade

Choosing The Correct Red Shade


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