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Choosing The Correct Brunette Shade (BFB Hair)

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Choosing The Correct Brunette Shade (BFB Hair)

Brunette babes, this one is for you!!! In the market for a new set of clip-in extensions? Or maybe this is your first time buying a set! The color matching process can be a bit confusing to newbies. And matching your extensions to your hair is pretty important, I mean we all want it to look natural right? Today on the blog we are going over all of our brunette shades (we have 11 of them!!). Learn a little bit about each of our Brunette shades + also see each shade on a model before picking your Color Match Kit shades or ordering a full set! 

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Bronde is the perfect in between shade of blonde and brunette. It is our lightest brunette, and darkest blonde shade. Also a cooler & one-toned shade.

Iced Latte:

Iced Latte is our ashy, ombre shade in the brunettes. If you have a darker root and lighter brunette ends, this shade could be for you! Or maybe you are a medium brunette who occasionally gets highlights or balayage, Iced Latte is it! 

PB & J:

PB & J has a cool toned dark brunette root, darker than Iced Latte's root, that fades into a light, caramel brown. If you are a dark brunette with highlights or balayage, PB & J will be the one! 

Melt Down: 

Our darkest ombre shade! Melt Down has an off-black shade root (our shade Blackberry) that fades into a warmer toned brunette shade. 

Brown Sugar:

For our dimensional brunette babes! Brown Sugar is a light brown shade that is extremely warm toned. Infused with dimension of both light and dark tones.


Sandalwood is a medium brunette base with a highlight. If you are a cool toned brunette shade with highlights, Sandalwood will be your go-to!


If you have light-medium brown hair, with no highlights, Brownstone is the one! Perfect for natural medium brunettes, or those with brunette hair on the cooler side. 


Smoky Bourbon: 

Our darkest dimensional brunette! Smoky Bourbon has a dark brown base & a lighter brown highlight (our shade Brownstone). Smoky is also a cooler toned brunette shade. 


Sweet Cola:

Sweet Cola is the darkest of our brunette shades! If your hair is a solid, rich brown shade with warm undertones, Sweet Cola will be your bestie!


If you have naturally black hair, Blackberry may be the one. Blackberry is an off-black shade with subtle warm undertones.

Black Licorice:

Black Licorice is the darkest shade we carry, a jet black color with cool undertones.


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