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Choosing The Correct Blonde Shade (BFB Hair)

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Choosing The Correct Blonde Shade (BFB Hair)

We know how confusing it can be to pick a hair extension color... It's one of those things that you need a second opinion on, or just a professional. And we are here to help make this process go a little bit smoother. Before you know it your BFB extensions will be in your hair and youre ready to go! Let's get the tricky part out of the way, color matching. Brunettes! Click here to learn all about our brunette shades!

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Ice Breaker:

For the blondest of babes! Ice Breaker is our lightest blonde shade. It is one-toned and cooler. 

Platinum Status:

´╗┐Platinum Status is slightly darker than Ice Breaker, but it is a brighter more golden-toned blonde.


Our lightest dimensional blonde shade. Bombshell is the perfect blend of Beige Blonde & Ice Breaker. Gives you some dimension but is also an ultra icy, cool shade.

Beige Blonde:

´╗┐Beige Blonde is one of our most popular shades that we carry. A mix of darker lowlights & cool highlights. If you like your hair to be ashy, & dimensional, Beige Blonde could be your perfect match.┬á

Barefoot Blonde:

´╗┐Barefoot Blonde is the OG. It's a tried & true blonde┬áthat gives you an all around warm blonde color. It is slightly dimensional with warm┬áhighlights & bright lowlights.┬á┬á


´╗┐Another one of our new dimensional shades! Honeysuckle is the perfect mix of Barefoot Blonde and Beige Blonde to blend warm AND cool tones seamlessly. We love this shade.┬á

Honey Butter:

´╗┐Honey Butter is the sister shade of Barefoot Blonde. It is a single toned blonde and is the lowlight of Barefoot Blonde.

Sandy Blonde:

´╗┐Sandy Blonde is such a versatile blonde shade! It is a darker blonde with low-lights to create a deep dimension that seamlessly blends with many different blondes!

Lemon Drop:

´╗┐Lemon Drop is our┬ámost golden toned blonde. Ideal for sunny-yellow blondes.


´╗┐Sun-Kissed is a mix of our shades Beige Blonde and Bronde. This is a darker blonde with major contrast! This shade is super on trend right now as well, dimension is in!┬á

Melt My Heart:

´╗┐Melt My Heart is the perfect ombre shade! The root is a cool, dark blonde that fades its a bright blonde. The ends are similar to our shade 'Platinum Status'.

Golden Sands:

´╗┐A step up from Sun-Kissed, Golden Sands is an ultra dimensional shade. Combines Sandy Blonde, Bronde, and PB & J for our dirty blonde babes! Golden Sands is a darker blonde shade with golden highlights.┬á


´╗┐If you are a dark blonde with warm undertones, Butterscotch is the one! It is also a one-toned shade.

Honey Dipped:

´╗┐The trifecta of ombres! Honey Dipped has a┬áwarm┬áchocolate┬ábrown root (Sweet Cola), which gradually fades into lighter brown, ending with a darker blonde with warm undertones.


´╗┐Brown + Blonde = Bronde! Bronde is our darkest blonde shade and lightest brunette shade. It is a cooler, one-toned shade that is the perfect in between!┬á


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