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How To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions for Extra Volume

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How To Style Clip-In Hair Extensions for Extra Volume

Enhance your short hair with 14 Inch Clip-In Extensions! When you hear the word extensions do you instantly think long, luscious mermaid hair? Well, we can help with that as well. But if your hair is on the shorter side and you've always thought hair extensions aren't for you, think again! Our 14" Fill-In Extensions will be your new bestie. Comes with two wefts making inserting seamless, easy, and definitely not time consuming. Sometimes we don't want any extra length or mermaid hair for that particular day, so that's when we reach for our fill-ins! Perfect for adding in extra volume to your current hair length. Scroll through to see some of our favorite hairstyles using our 14" Fill-Ins

1. Braided Pony

Did you know that you can use your fill-ins for an up-do hairstyle? Well, you do now! We absolutely love inserting our fill-ins stacked on the back of our head for extra ponytail thickness! Without adding any extra length, the fill-ins will simply give your hair extra volume naturally. Your hair but better!! Shade shown is Sweet Cola

2. Mermaid Waves

If you love the look of luscious mermaid hair but don't want a full Classic Set just yet, your fill-ins will do the job just fine! Begin by waving/crimping your extension set and then your real hair. Then it's time to insert the Fill-Ins! You are good to go once inserted, or you can also add in mini braids to jazz things up! Shade shown is Blackberry.

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3. Mini Fishtail Braid

 If you are searching for the perfect braid hairstyle for your short hair, this is the one. No matter the occasion, this hairstyle will attract all the compliments. Start y clipping in your 14" Fill-Ins and curl away! We love loose, messy, beachy waves for this hairstyle. Once you're happy with how your curls look, begin fishtail braiding your front section of hair. The messier the better! Finish off with a bobby pin or your favorite hair clip. Shade shown is Blackberry.

4. Straight & sleek

Our go-to on days when we're running late or just can't even fathom doing anything special to our hair. Sleek & straight always. Straighten your extensions the night before so they are ready to go! Then, in the morning before heading out the door, or even in the car, simply clip in your fill-ins. Adds back in some thickness and volume for an instant and natural oomf! Shade shown is Honeysuckle.

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5. Thicker Ponytails 

 A question we get ALL the time: "Can I use my Fill-Ins for a ponytail or bun?"... Yes! You absolutely can! We love to stack our fill-ins on top of one another, and clip in the back of your head. Pull back hair into a ponytail, bun, braid, and you are good to go. Easy and effective is our jam over here! Shade shown is Sun-Kissed.


BFB Hair Team

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