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Post Workout Hair Routine + Tips | BFB HAIR

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Post Workout Hair Routine + Tips | BFB HAIR

Going to the gym doesn't have to be this big to-do or require so much planning, especially when it comes to your hair. "Okay well, I washed my hair 2 days ago so now I can go get a workout in & wash my hair afterwards" is a common statement us girls make. It's like we have to schedule in a workout in conjunction with our hair wash days, and its so frustrating! 

We get that you don't always want to wash your hair after every gym sesh, it can get to be a lot. And we all know that its best to go longer without washing hair.. Healthy, shiny, hair is the goal. Now that we're all on the same page here, let's go over our top five post workout hair routine and tips!!!

Tip #1: Dry shampoo it up!

Your #1 must-have product when it comes to working out without washing your hair afterwards. If you don't have a dry shampoo in your hair routine, you really need one. And there are so many affordable drugstore options out there as well! Perfect for post-workout hair and those days where you can't even bother! Dry shampoo is a powdered spray that instantly soaks up any unwanted oils throughout your hair. Not only do you not need water, but a few quick sprays should get the job done. Once you sprayed throughout your roots, let sit for a few mins and massage in with your fingers or a hair brush. We also love to use a dry shampoo as a texturizing spray as well. 

Try to avoid brushing excessively as that could make hair appear greasier. Read brushing hair 101 here.

Tip #2: Creaseless hair-tie

Like all of us, we need to pull our hair up to get in a good workout. But with a tight ponytail or bun comes a major hair elastic crease.. All of us girls know what we're talking about, and it's not cute. Your go-to hair tie for a workout is going to be a creaseless one made from a stretchy fabric, silk, or the telephone cord ones. 

Tip #3: Sweatband hairstyle

If you know for a fact that you are someone who excessively sweats throughout your hair/temple area, no need to fret! That just means you're getting in a killer workout! What we love to use for excess hair sweat, is a sweatband! They make cuter ones if needed, but really all you need is a thick headband to soak up excess sweat in your hairline! As weird as that sounds, it's so common & one of the reasons your hair might look greasy fast.

Tip #4: Creaseless hairstyles

French braiding is our go-to when it comes to the gym and working out. Not only is your hair back and out of your face, but the hairstyle is just to die for. If you know how to french braid, try this hairstyle out next time before heading to the gym. And if not, OG pigtail braids will do just fine! Scroll through some of our favorite heatless hairstyles here!

Tip #5: Ditch the extensions

If you are someone who doesn't sweat as much, or maybe you are about to give your extensions a fresh wash already, then sure feel free to keep your extensions in for a workout! I mean we want to look cute while getting a sweat in too.. But if you don't have any future plans to give your extensions a nice wash, it's best to leave them at home! Learn how to properly wash your extensions here.


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