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Amsterdam Hair Adventure

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Amsterdam Hair Adventure

Hello, ladies! Or, I should say “Hallo” (hah-low) to you, because that’s how they do it in the Netherlands. Which is home to the first stop on the BFB Hair Everywhere trip— Amsterdam! The city of elaborate water canals, breathtaking architecture, delicious Stroopwafels and blooming tulips. But it’s also home to some of the most chic and effortlessly cool, “it girls,” that are always on the go. You see, the city is entirely walkable, but even more so, it’s totally bike-able. In fact, it’s one of the most bicycle-dense cities. With more bikes that actual people. Seriously. Which means people are out. A lot. Going, going, going. So if you like adventuring, tag along!

In honor of Amsterdam’s wonderful biking culture, here are my favorite hairstyles for adventuring girls, always on the go. They’ll last through a day of exploring and city tromping. They all have bonus points, too, for being able to fit under a bike helmet… in case you find yourself in Amsterdam someday, too.

1. Bouncy Curls: Sporting bouncy curls in a (sometimes) windy and rainy city seems so counterintuitive. But let me explain why I love this hairstyle for a full day of adventuring. If you use the right tools and products, you can get curls that last and stay. One of the products I love using on curls, is a good texture spray. Dry texture sprays are an amazing hybrid of hairspray, dry shampoo and sea salt spray. So they are meant to give you lasting volume and movement. This is especially true while I’m out for a whole day, because even if the curls fall out a little (due to annoying climates), the texture still lasts. So I try start out the day with big, tighter-than-normal curls, which once they've fallen out, I’m left with undone beachy waves.

2. Dutch Crown Braid: A cousin to the French braid, the Dutch braid is similar, but basically done inside out. And it wouldn’t be a proper trip to the Netherlands without a dutch braid, now would it? Didn’t think so. Plus I don’t think there’s anything sweeter than a milkmaid braid halo. I love wearing it with statement earrings and baby pink lips.

I love a Dutch crown braid because it lasts longer than a regular braid. It’s lasting power comes from the bobby pins placed strategically throughout it. I’ve gone an entire day of travel, wearing a Dutch crown braid, without any major fall-apart. When a few tendrils fall out, I simply re-pin them back in. Easy. Done.

Tutorial here.

3. Pigtails: I love braided pigtails for two reasons. 1. They’re the easiest type of braid for me to do, since I don’t have to reach in back of my head and braid backwards. This means I can fix them throughout the day if they fall out. And 2. I love that they lay flat against my head. I love that they can fit under a cute hat (or a bike helmet!) easily. This style keeps my hair out of my face when it gets windy or I’m on a a breezy bike/boat/scooter/etc.

This style is adventure-proof. And a MUST to add to your hairstyling arsenal.

4.Scarf Tie: The scarf is the smartest replacement for the boring hair elastic. Tie it around ANY hairstyle— ponytail, half-up, french braid, top-knot— and it’s elevated and chic, instantly. Every single girl on the go should have a few stylish scarves with her in her tool kit. I keep one with me in my travel bag and purse, so if I want to pull my hair back, I can do it quickly, stylishly and without putting creases in my hair.

My current favorites are here, here and here.

I could sign this off with a “goodbye,” but I won’t. Instead I’ll leave you with a “Tot ziens!” Which is Dutch for “see you later!”

Amy Hutchens

Article by Amy Hutchens


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