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BFB Hair Everywhere: A German Fairytale

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BFB Hair Everywhere: A German Fairytale

Did you catch last week’s article about BFB Hair Everywhere’s stop in Belgium?

Well, this week we’re going to share our visit to Germany with you all! Because it was EPIC. Any far-off destination, spent with a group of the raddest chicks, is a recipe for success. But add in castles, European charm and pink blossoming streets— well, it’s just magic. There’s beauty spilling over onto everything you see.

Springtime in Germany should make it on each and every person’s bucket list! One of our favorite parts was visiting Bonn, and seeing the Cherry Blossom Avenue (aka Heerstrasse). It’s a floral-lover’s dream, to be dancing and walking under a thick canopy of cheery pink blossoms! And if you get lucky, you can stroll the avenue before the blooms have been swept up— walking on an aisle of pink petals was so memorable for the BFB crew!

Another stop BFB Hair Everywhere made it to, was the pink palace near Dusseldorf, called Schloss Benrath. Which was basically a summertime castle for German nobility. You guys, the palace is pink. Straight up pink. And the most beautiful, sugary light shade of pink, at that. It’s surrounded by beautiful green gardens, where we could’ve spent an entire morning/afternoon/evening daydreaming away in. Inside, the mansion is insanely ornate and elegant— you feel like you’re in a movie. It’s UNREAL. As in, gilded gold frames, hand-carved floral ceilings, crystal chandeliers the size of my car. You know, things that feel so grand and intricate you’re afraid even breathing might mess it up. We loved dancing around the room, pretending to be royalty for a short minute.

One of the last places we went was also one of the most exciting. We saw a castle. A REAL LIFE castle, ya’ll. The Eltz Castle (aka Burg Eltz) is as enchanting as it is beautiful. As you approach it’s huge stature, it kind of hits you in the face that this thing is ancient, medieval, and the stuff that’s written about in fairytales. It’s serious, man. Good thing the BFB Hair Everywhere girls were all in our Barefoot Blonde hair, because seeing castles and towers, kind of makes you want to play real life Rapunzel, amirite?

We loved rocking our BFB hair, accessorizing it with big silk bows, felt berets and wide brimmed fedoras. We also just really loved spending time together, supporting each other and loving each other as all girl gangs should do.


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