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BFB Product: 21 inch Classic Seamless

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BFB Product: 21 inch Classic Seamless

Barefoot Blonde Hair had a big announcement this week, did you hear? No? Well here it goes again:

We will now be solely stocking our seamless Classic sets and completely discontinuing the production of our Classic lace extensions. Which maybe leaves you asking "Why?" Well, the reason is because of you! You've all LOVED the seamless extensions as much as we have! Since their launch, the response has been incredible. So, we're giving the people more of what they want. 

As we say FAREWELL to lace and HELLO to seamless, you probably have some questions as to what the biggest differences are between the two, and how the seamless have won our hearts. Let us explain them to you!

1. Traditionally, clip in extensions are made up of hair sewn together in "wefts," then clips are sewn onto those wefts. The sewing technique that holds the hair together is called "lace," because of the silky thread holding them together sort of resembling the needle and thread work we see on our clothing. 

Our seamless extensions aren't held together by that same lace threading, but by silicone adhesive which binds the all of the hair, plus the clips together. This yields a more cohesive extension. But more importantly, it means that the seamless extensions are less bulky— they're thinner on top and lay SO much more flat against your head. 

2. Seamless extensions are 50% thinner on top, but NO, that doesn't mean you're getting less hair. You will get the exact same amount of hair, 160 grams (and 30 grams in the Two-Piece). They'll feel just as thick and luxurious as our Classic lace sets. 

3. Because our seamless sets lay flatter against the head, they'll feel and look so much more natural. We also opted for these seamless, lay flat wefts for ultimate comfort! You'll be pleasantly surprised at their "weightless" feeling. 

4. The silicone adhesive that binds the weft together, is so much more durable and less prone to shedding over time. This means your extensions have a greater lasting power, especially when you're giving them proper care and maintenance.

BFB is proud to be continuously moving forward in offering you the highest quality and most innovative hair extensions. We're excited to see how our seamless sets will offer you a better overall experience! As always, reach out to us with any questions or feedback, and of course, we love to hear how much you love our hair! 



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