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BFB Product: The UP

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BFB Product: The UP

It’s time to officially introduce you to BFB UP! And we’re so (genuinely!) stoked for you guys to meet! There’s been talk of UP’s arrival, for a while now, but we’re finally delivering. Here she is, in all her glory!

BFB UP is the hair extension you never knew you needed, until we told you it was a possibility. A hair extension that is specifically designed to be used in updo styles! Braids, top knots, buns, ponytails, and anything else your creative heart can imagine! Because since Barefoot Blonde’s infancy, updos have been our MO. A beautiful, thick braid, is almost synonymous with “Barefoot Blonde.” We’ve loved helping you create incredible updos with our Classic sets and tutorials— but we’re always interested in improving your experience. Barefoot Blonde Hair is always striving to provide you with the the most leading edge, innovative products. And BFB UP just that. Innovative.  

UP makes the creative process of updos so much easier, quicker and seamless. Instead of stacking, folding, and clipping your Classic wefts together, to fit into your updo, BFB UP does the work for you by stacking four wefts together. The “stack” of hair is 4.5 inches wide and held together with seamless lay flat wefts and three latex lined u-tip pressure clips, for ultimate comfort and control. This piece inserts beautifully into updo styles! Since there’s no stacked or folded wefts, the bulk is cut out and the UP lays flat against the head. The seamlessness of the UP also ensures a better camouflaging those clips into your style. 

However, it should be said, when wearing your hair down, nothing can replace our Classic Seamless sets in terms of overall thickness, length and blended coverage. But UP was never intended to do that! No, the two products work synergistically to give you your very BEST hair, with whatever style you choose to rock, day to day. UP will drastically improve your experience when styling the extensions into an updo! Its functions will outperform the seamless set, even— but it can never mimic what the Classic set does when styling hair down. The two are both team players on the same winning team. And their common goal is to give you incredible hair, whether it’s worn up or down.  

BFB UP contains 60 grams of hair and is 18 inches long. What does this mean for you? That you’re going to have one insanely thick, long, epically beautiful braid (or ponytail, or whatever you choose to rock!). And achieving these next-level styles is as easy as strategically positioning the UP, inserting the extension and snapping three clips. That’s it! Don’t believe us? See how versatile and simple the BFB UP is to use, in the images below!

Ponytails can be creatively customized, depending on where you position the UP. A thick, bouncy ponytail can be yours with BFB UP!

Top knots, or low buns, and anywhere in-between! The possibilities are endless. But wherever you position it, one thing is for certain, your updo will be extra full and extra incredible!

Braids are made fuller, longer and more flirty with BFB UP. Sweep them to the side, tie them straight down the back, or pull them up high there's no wrong way to do a braid! 

The BFB UP is a hybrid of same extensions you know and love, with the new updo objective and functionality. We’re so excited for you to use it! And we SO look forward to continuing to improve your hairstyling experience. 


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