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Avoid These 7 Hair Extension Mistakes | BFB Hair

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Avoid These 7 Hair Extension Mistakes | BFB Hair

Hey, you! Do you have a set of hair extensions already? Or maybe you're in the market to finally buy yourself a set? We want your extension process to go seamless & smooth.. Avoid these six hair extension mistakes!! 

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde

1. Over washing extensions + clips

Our top tip when it comes to clip-in extensions is to keep washing to a minimum. Here's the thing, your extensions do NOT need to be washed frequently!!!! The longer you can go in between washes, the better. You really only need to give extensions a good wash when you notice excess product or oil buildup.. Click here for a more in depth tutorial on how to properly wash your extensions!

*BFB Tip: Try your best to keep clips out of water. Wash hair below the weft band!*

2. Storing Extensions

Are you throwing your extensions in a bag and calling it a day? Proper travel and storage with your extensions is KEY. Brushing through a matted extension will only result in excess breakage & frizz. If you don't already, you need a BFB HangerHang your extensions for easy heat styling, storing, and drying after washing... It's a game changer. 

3. Traveling

Traveling anywhere soon? Or maybe you need a new makeup bag... We have you covered! The BFB Everywhere Bag is the ultimate travel bag. Perfect for storing your daily makeup and beauty tools, plus it includes a hair extension hanger loop. You need!

4. Wefts peeking through...

It's all about how you insert, and we are here to make this process seamless and easy! The best part about clip-in extensions is the versatility. We all have a different head & hair type. Just because one person inserts a specific way, doesnt mean that is what you HAVE to do. Play around with where you like to insert + what feels best for you! Watch a quick inserting tutorial below.

5. Not teasing your roots before inserting

If you are worried about extensions staying put all day, or maybe your had is on the finer side, you may need to try teasing your roots before clipping in wefts. Not only does this give clips more of a grip to hold onto, but can also help disguise wefts!

6. Using the wrong product for your hair type

We have different products for a reason! Let us help you!! You may be using the completely wrong product for your hair type and needs. Book a 15-minute zoom call here, or if you are local to AZ you can book a 15-minute in person appointment here. We can't wait to chat!

7. Not root spraying

This is for those of us with a darker root & lighter ends!!! If you notice the tops of your wefts peeking through noticeably, spraying on q quick root spray can help conceal! Yes, we have a few 'ombre' type shades available already, but we love a good root spray when needed. Instead of buying yourself a new set, try out root spraying beforehand! Watch how we root spray below:




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