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BFB Beauty Secrets

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BFB Beauty Secrets

Let’s be honest here…we have all had our fair share of beauty mishaps. We compiled a list of some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned over the years. Check them out below and let us know your biggest beauty flops that have led to your best kept secrets!

1. Opt for a scrunchy or regular hair tie if you plan to be in the sun. Although we love the plastic scrunchies, they can melt into your hair and cause major hair damage. Trust us on this one!

2. Say no to tanning oil. We know how to tempting it is to layout all summer with your girlfriends. However, your skin will thank you later if you opt for a self tanner and lather up with sunscreen to protect against the summer sun.

3. We love a good face mask but be sure to read the instructions first. Don’t try to peel off a mask that is meant to be rinsed off or you may end up with a few less eyebrow hairs than when you started. 

4. Less is more! When applying self tanner or tanning drops don’t get overzealous in your application. Often times the formula develops overtime and you may end up looking a tad orange if you don’t pace yourself.

5. Wash your face. After a night out we know how tempting it can be to fall right asleep. However, washing your face will keep you skin looking it’s best and you’ll wake up feeling clean and refreshed. We promise it’s worth the few extra minutes in your routine. 

6. Don’t match your foundation to your hand. We are guilty too, don’t worry. Often times your face is lighter than the rest of your body. Therefore, you may end up picking a shade that is too dark if you are matching to your hand. 

7. Did you know beauty products expire? Check the shelf life on the back before applying to avoid unwanted breakouts. 

8. Some things are better left to the experts. Although wax strips are great in a pinch be careful not to overuse them! There is nothing worse than a blister on your upper lip from an at home wax kit. 

9. Don’t forget your makeup brushes need to be washed too. Soaking your brushes in soap and water will help get rid of product build up and allow for the best application.

10. Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. Towels can be abrasive and cause damage. A t-shirt is gentle and will better protect your wet hair!


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