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The BFB Guide To Holiday Hairstyles (7 Ideas)

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The BFB Guide To Holiday Hairstyles (7 Ideas)

The best part about the holiday time isn't just that the weather is getting a little chillier or nights more crisp, because we all know what that means. Time to get in the zone! It's that it's the time where you can go over the top. Whether that be with hairstyles, your outfit, the glitz & glam, you can really do it all. And if you're anything like us you love when the weather gets a little chillier, nights more crisp, because you know what that means..

And don't forget, our Tinsel Clip-Ins make the perfect holiday addition. For you or your kids! 

1. Sparkles

A set of our Fill-Ins to make things a bit more full and voluminous, and a couple sparkly hair clips... Yep, that's the look. We are seriously obsessed with this easy hairstyle. Grab a set of BFB Fill-Ins before the holidays. It's a must. Want to learn more about our Fill-Ins? Read our blog on How To Get Thicker Hair In Seconds

2. Classic BFB Pony

The classic BFB look. Long, thick, locks for daysssss. Grab yourself a 21" Classic Set or the BFB UP to get both your length AND volume. To read more about the BFB UP, click here

3. Velvet Ribbon

Remember when we used to take a random ribbon and tie it around our ponytail. Those were the days..... And it's back. Hair ribbons are all the rave right now. Get yourself a velvet hair ribbon for the holiday time, you need it. Pull hair back into a low pony & finish off with your favorite velvet ribbon. And you're done.

4. Braided Bun

A BFB UP to make all your up-do hairstyles extra thick & voluminous. 

5. French Braids

We weren't kidding when we said the holidays are for glitz and glam. Here is another super adorable hairstyle for a fun night out. Part hair down the middle and start by braiding your front pieces back. Play around with the braids. If you don't know how to french braid feel free to secure pieces with a clear hair elastic, and then start the braid down, gives things a cute look as well! And of course finish off with some trendy hair clips & sparkles. 

6. Jumbo claw clip

For all you low-key girlies. The ones who just can't even bother doing your hair anymore. Or maybe you know you'll be the one cooking it up in the kitchen! A cute jumbo BFB claw clip may or may not change your life. Just sayin'.. But really, if you don't have one of our claw clips yet, you need one. Throw hair up in a messy bun & secure with a jumbo clip. Automatically pulls you, your look, and your hair all together. 

We made our claw clips jumbo enough to hold your hair + a Classic Set of extensions.

7. Thick Pony

A fan favorite around here for the holiday's is a pony with allllllll the volume and length. Add in the BFB UP or a Classic Set to your hair for a classic glam pony. 

*BFB Tip: Wrap a small section of hair around your hair elastic, gives things an elevated sleek look.*

xx BFB Hair Team

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