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Go-To Pumpkin Spice Fall Hair | BFB Hair

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Go-To Pumpkin Spice Fall Hair | BFB Hair

You can thank Kendall Jenner & the world of influencers for making red hair the #1 hair trend right now. I'm sure you've seen it all over, or one of your favorite celebs posted about it recently. And we're not mad about it, like at all... This is one of our favorite hair colors ever.

Now if you naturally have red hair, you may be laughing right now, because this is the hair you've always had AND it isn't fake or dyed. This is just you! But that coppery red hair is a huge trend right now, and we seriously couldn't love it more.

Scroll through to give you some inspo, or take these pictures to your hair stylist for an epic transformation. And don't forget we have extensions to go along with that.. Whether you want to keep your same hair length but just add in some extra volume, or you want a complete transformation with both length AND volume, yeah we got you covered too. 


Chestnut is that perfect Fall hair color, an in between of brown and red. It is one of those shades that tends to work for both red-heads AND brunettes. Yes, both. That might seem crazy to you, but Chestnut is one of those shades that is like a chameleon & can really be so versatile.  But either way, it is our go-to fall hair color. Pumpkin spice hair in 3..2..1.. Amber is wearing Chestnut in our 21" Classic Set. We can't get over it!


Our truest red. Wanting something a bit more vibrant & red toned? We can't forget about Autumn!! Think rich, warm, red tones... If that's what you want Autumn will be your go-to. 

The question we get ALL the time. "Help, I don't see a red color that will match my hair!!!". If you can't find your perfect match, message us for color match help! Or bring your set to a trusted hair stylist to color/tone up. We just say make sure to color the tester weft before your full set! But that is totally an option too. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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