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Your Must Have Beauty Tools - BFB Hair

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Your Must Have Beauty Tools - BFB Hair

We recently introduced you all to the BFB Inserting Kit & everything that comes inside of it.. But today we are going over how you can use it + who exactly this kit would be good for. *Hint hint*.. anyone who frequently does their hair or makeup will love this. Now let's get into why you might need a BFB inserting kit:

Don't want the whole kit? Good news, you can buy each product separately if you decide so here.

Keep things tidy + travel friendly

Keep things tidy and have all hair extension tools in one place. Never have to stress about where things are, how well you inserted, or how your BFB extensions look. Because you will have all the tools for a quick and seamless process! Your locks will always be looking good. This kit doubles as the perfect travel bag as well. Keep hair tools all in one place while traveling + makes it easy to touch up or use while on the go!


For the busy busy girl always rushing to get out the door, you need this.  We've all been there, rushing to get yourself ready in the car & just hoping the hair looks fine. We often say to ourselves, "Are my wefts peeking through??". Question yourself no longer. The BFB Inserting Kit will make even your busiest of days less stressful. 

Doubles as your makeup bag + beauty tools

The best thing about the Inserting Kit is that you don't have to be an avid extension wearer to use this. Anyone who gets themselves ready on a daily basis will truly benefit. Your pouch is perfect to use as a makeup bag, & it's wipeable too so don't worry about makeup stains. The alligator clips are great to section off hair while curling or styling, or pin back hair while washing your face. Throw your marble handheld mirror in your purse for makeup checks throughout the day. And the comb, well we all could use a cute comb since they are much less abrasive than a hair brush. Keep locks looking sleek and healthy!

Your wedding day

Give us all the brides!!! If you are getting married anytime soon, first off you need a set of BFB Extensions.. And if you already have that, get yourself an inserting kit! Let's make that special day easy & timeless. Keep all your extension tools in one place for an extra organized day! Want to see Bridal Hairstyles using BFB Hair? We got you!

xx BFB Hair Team

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