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Halloween Ideas For Women or Kids | Sparkly Hair

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Halloween Ideas For Women or Kids | Sparkly Hair

The absolute perfect addition for you or your kids hair, tinsel clip-ins!! The BFB tinsel clip-ins are back, and just in time for Halloween! Great for Halloween, the Holidays, & all the festivities right around the corner! Keep reading for our favorite hairstyles using the the BFB tinsel, plus some DIY videos.

How to insert:

The best part about our tinsel clip-ins is that it's the perfect addition to you or your kids hairstyle. Inserting is seamless, easy, and won't damage your hair. Part hair & begin inserting clip-ins wherever you desire! Put in like you would a comb or barrette and clip! Super easy. 

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Now let's get to the fun part! Here's how we would wear hair tinsel clip-ins this Halloween... ⬇️⬇️ For both kids AND adults!


Clip in your sparkly tinsel for this one, & we think all 3 colors will look so fun for this look. Start by creating a big messy braid or fishtail, (whatever you prefer). Add in your flower or butterfly clips, and you are done. The messier the better! Watch our video below on how we achieve a DIY Rapunzel hairstyle. ⬇️


Add in gold or silver hair tinsel to complete this cute look! A fairy princess is one of those easy DIY costumes, but overall 10/10 on the cute scale. This one is so simple for both adults AND kids to do this year. Finish off by loosely curling hair and add in some delicate flowers! We would add in a set of extensions for extra long locks, but even short hair will do just fine. Read our blog on How To Manage Short Hair!

Shade shown: PB & J 24" Classic Set


Shade shown: Beige Blonde 24" Classic Set

We are all about the mermaid vibes here at BFB. Insert gold or silver tinsels all over your hair, the more the better! Then beach wave/crimp locks. The longer the better, so if you want a set of 24" Extensions, we have those too.

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xx BFB Hair Team

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