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How To Manage Short Hair: 5 Tips + Tricks

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How To Manage Short Hair: 5 Tips + Tricks

We previously went over our Top Hairstyles for Short Hair, and there were a ton of cute ones. But today are the tips and tricks end of the spectrum. How to make short hair more manageable? What products are good to use and what aren't? Basically we are going to show you how to get the best wear out of your fresh new style. Keep reading!

Shade Shown: Black Licorice 14" 35 gram fill-ins

Embrace the natural texture

Even if you are someone who absolutely hates the way your hair air dries, you need to find. texturizing spray... the messier the better. Hair can look frizzy or flat. use a texturizing ro de frizzier. 

Way less maintenance = use less product

This might sound like an obvious one to you, but we felt it was important to reiterate. No need to use even close to as much product as you would with long locks. Keep the product usage to a minimum to avoid weighing down hair. It could end up looking flat or greasy.. You can always add more as needed but start off small! 

Fill-ins for extra volume

Our favorite way to style short hair, with some BFB fill-ins! Insert in seconds for instant volume and thickness. This is a hack for any short haired girlies or anyone with fine hair needing that extra oomf. Get yourself a set of fill-ins, please! You'll thank us later.

 Shade shown: Butterscotch 14" Fill-Ins

You need a silk pillowcase

Want less frizzy & crazy locks in the morning time? It's time you probably get yourself a silk pillowcase. Hey! That makes us remember... Have you read our blog on Hair Drying 101? Because you might want a microfiber hair towel as well.

Small Round brush always

You'll want to stay away from your bigger round brushes, especially when it comes to styling that short hair. A smaller round brush with a 1" diameter will work best and make styling super quick and painless. 

Bring back the length whenever you want

The best thing about our extensions is the ease and comfortability. So if one day you want long natural looking locks, or you just recently cut and are very much regretting it.. We get you! Grab a set of our 21" Classic Set extensions 

Shade shown: Beige Blonde 21" Classic Set

Now this is all a matter of opinion... but we would argue that most hairstyles look even more adorable with a short little bob. Let us give you a few example. Half up half down, ponytail, bun pigtails, pigtails, braids, low bun.... Should we continue? I mean you guys the hairstyles are endless when it comes to short hair. Don't get defeated over not knowing what to do! Read our blog post on 10 Easy Hairstyles For Short Hair. ⬇️

xx BFB Hair Team

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