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6 Easy Halloween Hairstyles That You Need To Try

Posted by Amberly Crast ·

6 Easy Halloween Hairstyles That You Need To Try

Alright girlies. October is right around the corner, which means it's time to get our halloween plans together! No more putting it off until the last minute, because we all know how stressful that is. For those of you planning on going out this year, but you are more of a causal girl, we have you covered here. 

We wanted to compile a list of our favorite BFB hairstyles that could also easily be worn for a Halloween costume. Nothing too crazy, but you'll be sure to look cute, promise. 


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Find yourself a bright colored pair of flare pants + some roller-skates or platformed sneakers. Finish off by crimping your hair with our 24" Classic Set of extensions, for a full length & volume transformation. The major point of this "costume" is the hair, you need hair for daysssssss. Grab a set of extensions! 


Shade shown: PB & J

For all you boho girly girls... An easy costume idea would be to throw on a girly white or pastel pink dress. Add in 24" Classic Extensions & loosely curl your hair to give that whimsical fairy look.


Shade shown: Beige Blonde 24" Classic Set

One of our absolute favorites around here, because we do this hairstyle all year long... Mermaid hair for days. Grab a 24" set of extensions & crimp all that hair! You will be sure to have the mermaid hair of your dreams.. Oh and you'll get all the compliments, promise.

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Shade shown: Chestnut 21" Classic Set

Just because we aren't little kids anymore doesn't mean we can't live out our dreams of being Disney princesses... We love our 24" Classic Set pulled back into a thick princess braid. You can even add on some flower or butterfly clips for extra cuteness. 


Shade shown: Blackberry

This is such an easy one to do this year girls! Wear a tennis dress, bits of neon pieces, a thick headband, ankle socks, and a thick head of hair!! This is one of those costumes that you can throw together last minute, were sure you even have something in your closet. Grab a 21" Classic Set of extensions for ALL your halloween hairstyles.


 Cowgirl inspo has been ALL over this year. It's been a huge trend. Whether it was for bachelorettes, festival's, we all seem to love cowgirl vibes. This is a great hairstyle to add in the 14" Fill-Ins for a little bit of extra volume, no length! 

xx BFB Hair Team

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