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Tiktok's Newest Obsession: Hair Slugging

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Tiktok's Newest Obsession: Hair Slugging

Remember the whole 'face slugging' trend circling around TikTok? Where videos were going viral of people lathering their face with Vaseline or aquaphor... And we all learned that it actually works, and even some celebrities or celebrity makeup artist do it as well. It's been tried and tested. And we know that it can really work. Well, there is a similar method going crazy on TikTok, but for your hair. Known as 'hair slugging'. To simplify this one for you guys, hair slugging, just like face slugging, is simply adding in a deep moisture barrier & leaving on over night. It's even easier on your hair since you can wrap it up in a microfiber hair towel or sock to really lock in moisture while you sleep. 

So, how do you even hair slug? 

Deep hair oil + a hair mask = hair slugging... Our favorite way to incorporate hair slugging into our haircare routine, is with an intense hydration mask. We love to apply a heavier oil + a hair mask on top. Wrap up locks in a microfiber hair towel and you're good to go to sleep! Wanna learn how beneficial a microfiber hair towel is for you hair? Click here. If you don't have a microfiber towel, you can always look up the sock method on TikTok. Wrapping up your hair in this method keeps frizz at bay over night while you get some shut eye! Another hair slugging option would be to leave product on for a couple hours (or however long you feel you need) during the day & secure up with a Jumbo Claw Clip

Many have said that hair slugging has given them the shiniest hair yet.. We think you should try it.

Who would benefit from hair slugging?

Those of you with dry or frizzy hair, you feel like you need an extra bit of moisture, or you just got it bleached, hair slugging will be for you. Now if you already have oily locks or finer hair, you might want to skip this one or incorporate it into your routine once every other week or as necessary, whenever you feel hair getting dull. Even once a month could be a good option for finer hair, because fine hair needs some extra lovin' too! Try out our easy DIY Hair Mask for those of you looking for a quick in shower mask.

Shade shown: Black Licorice 

How often should I do this?
The best part about hair slugging is that you can do it up to 3 times a week.. Depending on hair density, texture, and dryness level, you can hair slug 1-3 times a week. On the flip side, if you are doing it every night or too often for your hair you will know. Your hair will be stripped from it's natural oils & it will be even dryer.
Our top recommendations:

Not in the mood to sleep with a hair mask in or don't want to wash it out in the morning? Good news. Hair slugging doesnt always have to include a hydration mask on top, though that is an added benefit. For all you low maintenance people you can apply a lightweight hair oil on just your ends, wrap in a fluffy sock & secure with a hair tie. 

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xx BFB Hair Team

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