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10 Fall Fashion Must Haves

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10 Fall Fashion Must Haves

It's almost October ladies!! You know what that means... I don't know about you guys but we feel it's time, it's time to pull out all the cozy knitwear & chunky boots. Because the weather is *slowly* cooling down, or maybe it's not, but we want to start dressing for fall time. If you are on the same page as us, we can easily incorporate trendy pieces into our wardrobe starting now.

Keep scrolling for the cutest pieces you NEED to add into your fall wardrobe...

Anything corduroy 

Anything corduroy is such a vibe for fall time.. Flared jeans, oversized button down shirts, skirts, over the knee boots.. Shall we continue?

Oversized button down shirts

Oversized button down shirts were a huge trend for summer 2022. Throw it over a pair of jean shorts + a tank and you are good to go. But let's transition it into fall time... Pair any oversized button down shirt with boots or some ripped jeans.

Western boots

Hold on to your western boots from summer because they are transitioning over to fall! If you don't have a pair of western/cowboy boots, you should really invest in some. You'll want it for the autumn time, promise!

Platform converse

Another summer trend that will easily be transitioned into the fall or winter time.. Platform converse. These are one of those shoes that will go with any outfit, and short girlies will really love. 

Corset tops

Anything velvet for fall or winter time is a go for sure, but a velvet corset top?! Uh, yes please. Pair it with denim jeans or leather pants for a girls night out.

Statement colors

When we think of fall time we think of black, brown, & neutral colors. We're changing that this year. 2022 fall is all about the bright, fun, statement colors. 

Claw Clips

Say hello to your cutest fall accessory, a claw clip. Grab a BFB jumbo claw clip before they're sold out!! Immediately elevates your hair look.

Anything Leather

Anything leather is a vibe for fall... Skirts, jackets, 2 piece sets, pants. Give us all the leather!

Blazer jacket

If you don't already own an oversized blazer, you probably should. This is one of those pieces that you can dress up or dress down, but no matter what you will look fashionable, promise.

Trucker hats

Any type of baseball hat or trucker hat, bring it alllll into fall!

xx BFB Hair Team

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