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10 Fall Makeup Looks That You Must Try

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10 Fall Makeup Looks That You Must Try

After a long, long, hot, summer full of little to no makeup.. Mainly glowwy skin & glossy hair, it's time to step it up for fall. Mainly because we won't sweat it off within an hour. In the beauty world, fall is the time to amp things up & become more moody. Luckily, we love all things beauty around here and have a pretty good prediction of this years trends.

But first, a good makeup look starts with a clean surface. Read our blog on our Post-sun skincare routine. Because we want fresh skin going into fall!

Warm, gold tones

Fall means October which means orange, brown, neutral colors. Bring that into your makeup routine! A warm bronze eye look will never not be on trend for fall.

Plum blush 

Summer is all about the coral pinky blush. Put those away and get yourself a plum or berry colored blush. Specially a cream rather than powder one, for dewy skin.

Dewy skin

Dewy skin will never not be on trend. Don't leave this one in summer, it's coming with us into fall.

Raspberry/plum lip

 A plum blush is all the rave, but also a plum or berry lip. Dark & moody, remember! 

Blue/emerald eyeshadow

This might seem like a weird one to add into fall... But trust us. Blue eyeshadow is slowly creeping its way back into the beauty world. And it will make your eyes pop!

Sharp winged eyeliner

For a while it seemed like winged eyeliner was more of a thing of the past. All natural was the vibe. But start practicing your wings ladies, because it is back!

Cherry gloss

Fall or winter time, cherry gloss will always be the answer. Find yourself a good glossy red lip and you are good to go. This is the time to really play with your makeup, so have fun!

Mix-match textures

Matte lips & shimmery lips, or glossy lips & matte eyes. We love it. Try out this makeup trend this year, we dare you.

Faux Freckles

If you've got the freckles, flaunt em! If not, that's what faux freckles are for. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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