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The BFB No Show: Everything You Need To Know

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The BFB No Show: Everything You Need To Know

Your one and done solution for both length AND volume! This is our most requested product & we know how badly you've wanted us to create our very own! Everybody, please say hello to The BFB No-Show. The BFB No-Show is our version of a "halo". What makes ours so special is the 5 back clips, making your No-Show feel even more secure. We also added in a double mesh backing for all day comfort! Included in your No-Show will be 3 different string sizes, making it easy to find your perfect one! Oh, and did we mention we included 2 volumizing wefts? Perfect for extra volume and blending on each side of your head! Keep reading for all of your top questions answered!

What is The BFB No-Show?

The BFB No-Show is a 5 clip weft that inserts comfortably around the crown of your hair. It can sit so securely because of the hidden string, kinda like a headband! We also included a two-piece volumizing weft for both your left and right sides, perfect to blend! A one and done solution for length and volume, in seconds!

Who can wear the No-Show?

Anyone wanting a one and done solution for both length AND volume in seconds, will benefit. Both short & long hair girlies will benefit! Check out our before and after pictures below..

How to use:

Inserting the BFB No-Show will be seamless and easy.. Start by parting hair halfway and clipping in your 5 clips. Secure locks with your hidden string on the top of your head, just like a headband! Add in your extra volumizing wefts to both the left and right side of your head, wherever you feel you need some extra oomf, or blending!

What length does it come in?

Right now the BFB No-Show will come in a length of 20 inches. You can always bring it to a hairstylist to get trimmed up a bit!

How to pick string size:

You don't have to worry! Included in your No-Show will be 3 different string sizes, you'll find your perfect one depending on your head size. Pick one that feels most comfortable and secure to you, everyone will be different.

How to pick correct shade:

If you need help choosing your correct shade, we always have our Color Match Kit! You can order 3-5 sample shades before ordering your BFB No-Show. We are also always here to help! Book a quick zoom appointment or in-person appointment if you're local to AZ!

How to hide string:

Hiding your No-Show string is the easy part! We made the string clear so hiding will be seamless. Comb hair, like normal, to blend string into your hair. If you have a BFB Marble Comb, that will be perfect!

How do the extensions blend?

The best part about The No-Show is that you won't have to worry about blending or any wefts peeking through. It is your one and done solution. We also included 2 volumizing wefts for extra volume around your face. Watch our video below to see how we like to style our No-Show.

How to care for them?

The same way you would with any of your other BFB Extensions! Always always always use a heat protectant before styling & set hot tools to 350. Read our blog on How To Properly Wash Hair Extensions for more tips. 

No Hassle, No Stress, No Damage. Now get to shopping!!

xx BFB Hair Team

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