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Thicker, Longer, Up-Dos | BFB Hair Extensions

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Thicker, Longer, Up-Dos | BFB Hair Extensions

Those voluminous ponys and fun hairstyles that you see scrolling through Pinterest.... Well, hate to break it to you, but they most likely are wearing hair extensions to achieve that look. Don't let the thought of clip-in extensions scare you away here. The UP is ONE ultra-thick weft made for all up-dos. Just ONE WEFT to clip in you guys!! It is such a game changer. Look at all the different hairstyles you can use the UP for + extension tips and tricks below.. ⬇️

An easy way to get the ultimate thick bun? The BFB UP. 

Hair Extension Color Matching Kit


 Shade Shown: Honeysuckle

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde


Shade Shown: Iced Latte

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde


Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde

Shade Shown: Sun-Kissed

Washing your UP: 



BFB Hair Team

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