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Hair Extension Color Matching Kit | BFB Hair

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Hair Extension Color Matching Kit | BFB Hair

There are so many easy ways to get help with color matching at home. Whether you want to book a free Zoom call, or you're local to AZ and want to come in person, we have quite a few ways to ensure you get your perfect shade match. The most efficient, and BEST way to color match yourself at home would be to order a Color Match Kit.

Not only are you able to see shades IRL before purchasing a full set, but it gives you the time and opportunity to look at each shade in different lighting + play around with what you're thinking. Maybe you are wanting to add in some extra highlights or dimension into your current hair withe extensions, get a Color Match to ensure you are getting the right shade you want. 

The best way to color match yourself at home you might ask? Order a Color Match Kit

Step 1: Add 3-5 sample shades to your cart + check out. 

Step 2: Once you receive your CMK, open up kit to see all sample wefts chosen. 

Step 3: Curious which shade is which? Simply pull out each weft, shade names will be labeled on the back for easy ordering!

Step 4: Hold each sample weft up to the ENDS of your hair (ombre babes can check both ends & roots). It is so so important to match to the ENDS of your hair to ensure a seamless color match.

Step 5: Double check in different lighting. Bathroom, inside, outside, direct light, etc. Make sure you LOVE your shade! 💜

Step 6: Now is time to order your 21" Classic Set or Fill-Ins.. 😍 Need help choosing which product is best for you? Send us a dm over @bfbhair on IG! 

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BFB Hair Team 💜

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