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Blending Short Hair With Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Blending Short Hair With Clip-In Hair Extensions

A question we get ALL the time, "I have shoulder length hair, will the extensions still work for me?!". YES. Even those of us with short locks or a bob, you most definitely can still wear clip-in extensions. Don't let the worry of not being able to blend keep you away from extensions.. They will be your new bestie! ✨💜

Sweet Cola 21" Classic Set

Blending tips from the bfb team:

- Try braiding a section of hair underneath & pinning up with a bobby pin. This will ultimately take away a section of hair for a better blend.

- Get your extensions professionally blended! We all have a unique cut and style, your extensions may need to be matched.

- Try the 24" Classic Set. While it is longer, it is technically more grams of hair so better suited for those of us with thicker hair or a blunt cut.

Watch how Alexis transformed her short bob to long locks using the 21" Classic Set below! ⬇️⬇️



BFB Hair Team

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