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Your Guide To Thick & Chunky Braids | BFB Hair Extensions

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Your Guide To Thick & Chunky Braids | BFB Hair Extensions

We all know that feeling of putting your hair in braids and being left with little stragglers rather than thick, chunky braids like you see all over Pinterest.. Ugh!!!! It can be so frustrating scouring the internet for cute, trendy hairstyles but only being able to do your norm because of your hair type. P.s. most of the hairstyles you see scouring Pinterest are actually all using & wearing clip-ins. Hair extensions are much more common than you'd think, and no one will be able to tell. Thicker, more luscious braids coming your way!! Keep on reading.

Shade Shown: Sandalwood UP

Use The UP

An ultra-thick weft, perfect for ALL your up-do type hairstyles. Specially braids, the BFB UP is a major game changer. 

Shade Shown: Barefoot Blonde

Shade Shown: Sun-Kissed

21" Classic Set

Hey, if you already have a 21" Classic Set, there's no reason why you can't use it for thick & voluminous braids! Remember to keep your hairstyle and braids on the lower side, that way your wefts don't peek through!

Shade Shown: Blackberry

Shade Shown: Sandy Blonde 

Double Braid Tutorial Using The BFB UP  ⬇️


How we like to store our extensions 


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