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How We Like To Store Our Extensions

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How We Like To Store Our Extensions

The key to silky soft hair extensions you ask? Proper storage and care is a must! Washing + hanging extensions to dry, storing over night, traveling, these are all times when you need to be focusing on proper storage techniques. No more throwing extensions in a bag and calling it a day. It's easy! Keep reading for our top tips + how we like to store our extensions for silky smooth locks. 

BFB Everywhere Bag


If you are always struggling with where to put your BFB Extensions overnight or after washing, we have a tip for you! Once you're done washing your extensions, simply hang extensions on your BFB Hanger to dry. Store away until you're ready to use the next time! We also love to use our hanger for any sort of heat styling. If we want to curl our extensions, hang on hanger for easy & seamless styling. 

How to wash your BFB Extensions

Inserting Kit

Keep all hair extension tools & extra wefts in your inserting kit bag. Perfect for throwing in your purse when running late & on-the-go. Doubles as a makeup bag! 

Everywhere Bag

Store all beauty, makeup, and hair tools in your BFB Everywhere Bag... & even your extensions! We made things easy for our extension lovers out there. Comes with a hanger loop for you to easily hang extensions while traveling or getting ready. This is a game changer. Comes in both Green & Gold, pick your fav!


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