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How We Make Gray Hair Shiny & Silver | BFB HAIR

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How We Make Gray Hair Shiny & Silver | BFB HAIR

Making the choice to let your natural gray hair grow out, or ultimately embracing that gray, may end up being the best thing you ever did! Here's why - not only is it so much less maintenance AND better for your hair.. But the trend of silver locks is not going anywhere, and there are so many little tips & tricks along the way to keep things looking fresh and on trend. Incorporating extensions for dimension or highlights, or even adding in a purple shampoo.. Keep scrolling to see how we like to make gray hair look shiny and silver. 

Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo is not only a game changer for blondes, but also those of us with gray or silver locks. Keep things bright & silvery with a bi-weekly purple shampoo bath! Here's a list of our favorites: The best purple shampoos to fight brassiness

Hair Extensions

Struggling with hair thinning? Grab a set of Fill-Ins for extra volume. We also love incorporating our Fill-Ins for dimension or highlights. Stone is a silver/gray/pearl base with off-black lowlights. Pepper is the reverse, an off-black base with silver/gray/pearl highlights. 

Masks + Oils

The ulimtate guide to keeping your gray hair looking fresh & healthy, is moisture moisture moisture. If you really want locks looking silver and shiny, incorporating a mask and a hair oil is a game changer. Not only does it seal the cuticle and keep things moisturized, but also shiny. 

Our favorite hair oils for thin, fine hair.

Shade Shown: Pepper

Shade Shown: Stone


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