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The Best Purple Shampoos To Fight Brassiness

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The Best Purple Shampoos To Fight Brassiness
Noticing harsh yellow or orange undertones in your hair?

If you're stumbling across this blog post, surely you have been scouring the internet for purple shampoos or different ways to maintain that blonde color at home. You're not alone! Luckily, we are here to give you ALL the tips & make things easy picking out your go-to purple shampoo. If you are a die hard blondie, you get light highlights occasionally, or you recently went blonde, purple shampoo is a total savior. You may have a bottle of in your shower now, but finding a good one is another story. Heres the basis: Purple shampoo is a game changer when wanting to extend color life. Get more of your color + less trips to the salon! 

Not quite sure if you should be using purple shampoo? Read our blog post on Shampoo Based On Your Hair Color, first! 

How to properly use purple shampoo

First things first, we thought we would get into the proper application and use of purple shampoo, because you may be doing it wrong.. One common problem many people gloss over, your purple shampoo does not replace your normal shampoo. If it is hair wash day, and you want to use your purple shampoo, you should still be cleansing with a normal shampoo first. Purple shampoos can also be a lot more harsh on strands, which is why it is so important to not overuse. Try adding in a purple shampoo every third or fourth wash, or longer if needed. You'll know if you are overdoing it as hair will remain dry & course. 

To properly use, simply coat hair from roots to end & allow to sit for a couple minutes. If you feel you need another minute or two, you can do that as well! The key to purple shampoo is following it up with a mask or or deep conditioning treatment.

The best purple shampoos to fight brassiness 

 Joico Color Balance, $23

Shimmer Lights, $11.48

Amika Bust Your Brass, $26

Extensions + Purple shampoo

Can I use purple shampoo on my BFB Extensions? Short answer, yes. But it will be a little different than how you might use it on your real hair.. Read our blog post on How To: Purple Shampoo Bath for all the tips & tricks!


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