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The Everywhere Bag (Sneak Peak) | BFB Hair

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The Everywhere Bag (Sneak Peak) | BFB Hair


No more rummaging through your cabinet or suitcase for makeup and beauty products.. Say hello to The Everywhere Bag, your new bestie. The Everywhere Bag is here to make your traveling process a little less of a nightmare. Whether you are someone who is always on-the-go traveling, or you just enjoy being organized, keep scrolling! Oh, and we forgot to mention the best part! If you are an extension lover, like us, & need an easier way to travel with your BFB Hair, this is it. We included an extension-friendly loop to easily and seamlessly wrap hair up on the go. 


Everything you need to know about The Everywhere Bag:

Removable pouches: Once you unzip your Everywhere Bag, you will see your three pouches fastened in place. Keep pouches clipped in for easy organization of beauty tools, or remove when needed! The ease of this bag is unmatched, all beauty tools in one big bag... Keep scrolling for more of our fav features. 

Extension loop: Struggling with traveling with your BFB Hair? We included an extension loop at the top of your Everywhere Bag. If you already have a BFB Hanger you can easily loop it through and continue packing up your bag. Your hair is good to go just where it is, keeps hair in place! If you don't wear extensions, the loop can simply be hung up to easily grab product.

Proper care of your extensions will always help extend the life span of your extensions! Learn more about how we like to store our extensions to prevent damage here

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Wipeable: Oh, did we mention it's completely wipeable? Spills may not be totally wanted, but they are definitely accepted here. We want your makeup bag to stay in pristine condition. Wipeable material + easy to carry handle, what more could you want?! 

Mesh pouches: Not only will this be perfect for you over-packers, it fits it all trust us, but each pouch is a mesh see-through. Find everything you need without having to rummage through.

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BFB Hair Team

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