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6 Easy NYE Hairstyle Ideas

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6 Easy NYE Hairstyle Ideas

New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to go full out. I mean who doesn't love an excuse to get all dressed up?! Any opportunity to go all out with our hair + outfit, we are all in. We've been thinking about our NYE hair for weeks now, but we know that hair can sometimes slip through the cracks. You end up just doing the same old hairstyle you always do, 1 because you know it looks good, and 2 because its easy. Today we are going to be showing you our top 6 hairstyles that will you give you ALL the head turns. 

First, you need healthy locks going into the new year.. Read our blog on Hair Products To Keep Your Dry Winter Hair At Bay.

Hairstyle #1:

Starting off with a bang, a classic BFB pony. What could be better?! For this one you can insert your BFB UP about halfway and pull hair into a ponytail! Adds in all the extra volume + length for any up-do type hairstyles. If you have our Fill-Ins, you can also double stack them in the back and pull up into a pony for extra volume.

Hairstyle #2:

As we previously said, New Years is the perfect excuse to go all out with your look. And hair is a big part of that! Give yourself the mermaid hair of your dreams with a 24" Classic SetIf you have some of our Tinsel Clip-Ins, that would be the perfect addition for a NYE night out.

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Hairstyle #3:

If you are going for a more classic & elegant look, a low BFB bun is the way to go. Insert your BFB UP lower on your head & start twisting into a low bun. Perfect if you have already short or thinning hair, adds back in more length + volume for the bun of your dreams.

Hairstyle #4:

When you think of BFB do you also think about long classic curls? Grab a 21" Classic Set or a No-Show and curl away. Get the hair you've always dreamed of, with BFB Hair!

Hairstyle #5:

Did you know you can easily add rhinestones or pearls to your hair? Head to the craft store to find your favorite gems, and grab some eyelash glue. Easy peasy. For a video tutorial on this look, head to our Instagram or click here!

Hairstyle #6:

For all you low-key girlies, or the ones just having a night in with the fam, this ones for you. All up with a twist & insert your BFB Orange Claw Clip!

Happy holidays & be safe!! 


BFB Hair Team

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