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Hair Products To Keep Your Dry Winter Hair At Bay

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Hair Products To Keep Your Dry Winter Hair At Bay

It's a tale as old as time... As soon as winter hits your skin & hair seem to suffer. You find yourself more often than not throwing your hair up in a pony and calling it a day. And yes, while it is fun to turn up the heat & enjoy the colder air, winter can really zap all that moisture. If you are someone who is dealing with dryness, damage, frizz, your hair needs some extra TLC, especially in the colder months. Today we have rounded up a list of our favorite hair products to keep your dry winter hair at bay..

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Find the right oil

Keraste Hair Oil, $52

Find the right hair oil for you, even if you find your roots get oily fast. Seals the cuticle, tames frizz & adds back in moisture. The quickest way to tell someone has damaged hair, are their ends, all frayed & frizzy. Not what we want. You would be surprised how much your hair + you like using a hair oil, trust us! Avoid your roots and keep product closer to your ends. Magic in a bottle! Keratase is a bit of a splurge, but 100% worth it. Read our blog on our Favorite Drugstore Hair Oils for some cheaper dupes! 

Incorporate a hair mask

Dae Monsoon Mask, $28

If you have dry locks, hair masking is key. There are truly so many hair masks on the market that will leave hair feeling soft, find your favorite one. We use the dae monsoon moisture mask on a weekly basis on not only our own hair but our extensions as well! For more tips on how to keep extensions silky, click here.


It's a 10 Leave-In, $23

Once you get out of the shower, and before brushing, spray your hair with the It's A 10 + Keratin, you'll thank us later. Brushing through matted tangles, will cause breakage and return make hair look frizzy and dead.. For more hair brushing 101 tips, click here. Adding in a leave-in helps detangle strands, and the keratin moisturizes. 

Heat Protectant

Living Proof Heat Styling Spray, $31

If you are someone who frequently (even once a week) styles your hair with a curling iron, blow dryer or flat iron, you absolutely need a heat protectant. Styling your hair with hot tools & no heat protectant is the quickest way to show signs of damage. And if you want one that smells like you just came from the salon, Living Proof. Keeps things protected and prepped before styling.



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