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Blow Drying 101: 9 Tips For Salon Worthy Blow-Outs At Home

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Blow Drying 101: 9 Tips For Salon Worthy Blow-Outs At Home
Blow drying 101: At home blow-outs just got easier

There is a reason we always like our hair so much better after leaving the salon... The blow-out truly matters. But what comes with a quality blow-out is either time or money, two things that sometimes we just don't have. You either do have the skills but you don't have the time, or you may have the time but not even close to the skills. We get it. How amazing does it sound to be able to blow dry your own hair at home, quickly. Keep scrolling for our top tips on achieving a salon worthy blow-out, at home.

Styling starts in the shower

Good hair starts in the shower. Starting your prep work in the shower will only make that blow-out look better! The key is to find the right shampoo & conditioner for your hair and its needs. If your hair is on the oily or greasy side, a clarifying shampoo and conditioner is the way to go. 

Microfiber hair towel

Our best tip for an easy blow drying experience is to soak up all that extra moisture. If you're constantly in a time crunch, like us, you may not have the time to let hair partially air dry, leaving sopping wet strands to blow-dry.. It can be so frusturating. 

If you don't already have a microfiber hair towel, you need one. Speeds up drying time + reduces frizz that a normal towel will only enhance. For some more info, read our blog on Hair Drying 101: Here's Why You Need A Microfiber Hair Towel.

Prep & protect

After drying your hair with a microfiber hair towel, it is now time for the products. Apply your heat protectant and any oils or leave-in that you know you love. 

Always rough dry hair

Rough drying or pre-drying is an amazing technique to not only cut down on drying time, but its just better for your hair. We want to minimize damage. Start by lightly running the hair-dryer over the top section of hair, then the underneath. 

Keep your Air Concentrator

You know those triangle shaped pieces that tend to always come with a new blow dryer, yeah the things that you tend to throw in the trash.. Those are super important. Not only do they help maintain shine & smoothing, it keeps a safe distance between the heat and your hair. 

Pin up hair for extra bounce

If you're into bouncy voluminous blow-outs, like us, you may want to try rollers as well. Once you have fully dried & blown out a section of hair, roll up hair with hot rollers (but with no heat), and clip up.

Take advantage of the cool setting

If you are going for volume curls with your round brush- use your cool setting. Once you have finished a specific section round brushing, turn on the cool setting withy our round brush to lock in the style. Not only does it help lock in your bouncy style, seals the hair cuticle. 

Finishing Mist

Shiny, glossy hair is the vibe, always. Salon-worthy blowouts always include a quality finishing mist. If you don't already have a hair oil in your cabinet now, you need one.  

Click here for our favorite drugstore hair oils.

xx, BFB Hair Team

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