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Is Double Shampooing The Secret To Healthy Hair?

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Is Double Shampooing The Secret To Healthy Hair?

Kinda like washing your face twice.. The first time is to get the oil, sweat, or makeup off from the day. And the second wash is to really get in there and clean + leave skin feeling squeaky clean. Your hair is the same. The first wash removes product and oil, while the second penetrates deeper, leaving hair feeling much cleaner.

If you are someone who regularly uses a hair oil or mask, you know how it helps keep hair looking Shiny & Sleek. Read our blog on our Top 5 Favorite Drugstore Hair Oils, you may need one. But sometimes when it comes to wash day, you aren't getting all of that product buildup cleansed away. Keep reading to see why you should be double shampooing!

What does double shampooing mean?

The double shampoo method is simply washing your hair with shampoo twice. Lather, rinse, repeat. Doing so gives your hair an even deeper cleanse & truly takes care of all product or scalp buildup. The first wash will take care of any product buildup, while the second scrubs your scalp & strands clean. 

Using the right products for your hair will be key. Double shampooing with something clarifying could end up drying you out & making hair appear frizzy. Keep reading to learn who exactly should be doing this method, and the pros & cons!

Who should be doing the double shampoo method?

It really comes down to how often you wash your hair and your hair type. If you are someone who washes your hair daily, the double shampoo method may not be the best route since you are already stripping your hairs oil on a daily basis. Instead, if you wash your hair anywhere from one to three times a week, add in the double shampooing method in at least one of your washes. You don't want to overdo it and leave hair looking dry. But once a week will give hair & scalp the cleanse it needs. The best way to get a complete clean slate to strands. 

The benefits of double shampooing

Bye bye flakey scalp: If you are someone who tends to have a dry or flaky scalp, you may already know that washing your hair daily will only make things worse. On the days that you do wash your hair, double cleansing with a moisturizing shampoo may help lift those flakes away. 

Prep before a hair mask: The best prep you can do before lathering your hair in your favorite hair mask, double shampoo. If your hair is thoroughly cleansed, your hair mask or oil will better absorb into your strands + scalp instead of sitting on top!

Removes excess product & buildup: If you consistently use hair products, like hair spray or oil, you would really benefit from a double cleanse. The first shampoo will loosen product buildup, while the second cleanses. 

Cleanses hair after chlorine or salt water: After swimming in the pool or ocean, your hair is filled with minerals. That might be why your hair after feels dry, brittle, and gross! A double shampoo will thoroughly clean any minerals off that may have clung to your hair. 

Cons of double shampooing

Dry, damaged hair: This is why it is so important to find a shampoo for your hair type. If you over-wash and over-cleanse with the wrong shampoo, you could actually be doing the opposite of what you want. You could end up stripping your hairs oil causing it to produce even more oil! It's a vicious cycle and not something you want. 

xx BFB Hair Team

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