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On the Go Hairstyles

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On the Go Hairstyles

A good hair day can make or break your look. However, we know that it’s not always possible to spend 30 minutes curling your gorgeous BFB locks. A simple hairstyle can save the day! Read on to see the BFB Team’s favorite go to looks in a pinch:


1. Twisted Half Up: Twisting a few strands back into a half-up do is a quick way to feel put together! This simple do is sleek and sophisticated but will only take a few minutes to achieve. 



2. Head Scarf: We love the look of a good head scarf. Plus it comes in handy when dry shampoo is no longer any help. It’s adds character and flare to any outfit and is the ideal look when there’s no time for styling. 



3. Bubble Braids: Bubble braids are as easy as they are fun. Securing a few scrunchies down your pigtails makes for this flirty no heat hair do. 



4. Claw Clip: It just wouldn’t be right if we forgot the beloved claw clip. Claw clips can be used in so many ways but you can’t go wrong with the classic updo seen here. 


BFB Features:

24” Barefoot Blonde 

14” Fill-ins BlackBerry  







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