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Color Match Kit

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Color Match Kit

Finding your perfect BFB Shade is made easy with our at home color match kit. Follow the steps below for a seamless match: 

1. Visit and select the 3-5 samples that appear closest to your shade. 

2. At checkout, make sure to stay subscribed to our newsletter! This will provide you with a discount code that can be applied towards your next order. Expect your Color Match Kit to arrive within 3-5 business days. 

3. When your Color Match Kit arrives chose your closest shade by matching the sample wefts to your ends in both synthetic and natural lightening. Matching to your ends guarantees a more natural and blended look. For ombré styles consider matching both the ends and the root. 

4. Now that you have found your perfect match you can return to our website and order your BFB product! Don’t forget to apply your $10 off discount code at checkout.  

5. The final step: Rock your BFB Hair with confidence! Don’t forget to tag BFB Hair on Instagram so we can see your gorgeous new locks too. 







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