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Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Posted by Amberly Crast ·

Clip-In Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

A question we get constantly is if extensions will work on thin hair, or which product would be best for someone with already thinning hair? In short, you can absolutely wear clip-in extensions with thin hair, if anything that is ideal! If you are wanting a full hair transformation with both length AND volume, or maybe you're more laid-back and would love some extra volume/thickness. Extensions are not limited to those with an already thick head of hair, don't worry. You have a few different options as far as products go, and we are here to help you through the buying process, so let's get into it!


The Fill-Ins are the perfect option for someone wanting to add back in extra volume and thickness to their hair. You are not necessarily meant to add length with the fill-ins, just volume! If you are wanting both volume AND length, keep reading to learn more about the No-Show.


 The No-Show

For those of you wanting to add both length and volume to your current hair (or if you already have long locks) the No-Show is a game changer. Perfect for those with hair on the thinner, or finer side. The No-Show is your one-and-done solution for length and volume. Included in your set will be two extra filler wefts, meant for the front/sides of your hair. Watch our video below to see how easy inserting is. ⬇️

Hair that is already on the thicker side, learn more about the 21" Classic Set here.

The UP

If you are someone who likes to throw your hair up in a pony and call it a day, us to. The BFB UP is an easy solution to adding some extra volume and length to your favorite up-do hairstyle. Ponytails, buns, braids, you can do it all. The UP is an ultra thick weft that takes second to clip in. Watch our video below to see how we like to use it!

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