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How to: Wash Your Extensions

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How to: Wash Your Extensions

Washing your hair extensions is less maintenance than washing your hair! They only need to be cleaned every 30 days if wearing everyday or as you notice they need a little TLC. Over washing can cause your extensions to dry out faster as the extensions do not produce natural oils like your hair. So when it comes time, read on to hear our best practice for washing your BFB Hair.

Follow these steps to freshen up your extensions:

1. Brush out all the tangles before you begin washing. This makes the washing process much easier as you won’t have to the fight the tangles mid-wash.


2. Hold the hair by the clips and use cool to warm water to wet the extensions. Try to avoid submerging the clips as this can cause them to wear faster. 

3. Once the extensions are wet, lather on a gentle shampoo. DAE shampoo and conditioner is a great extension-safe, paraben and sulfate free option! When washing, lather and rinse in a downward motion to prevent any unwanted frizz or tangles. 

4. Next, add your conditioner using the same downward motion as you did before. If your extensions are feeling dry feel free to use a deep conditioner and leave the product on for an additional 5-10 minutes. This will leave your extensions feeling extra hydrated!

5. After rinsing, squeeze out any remaining moisture. Be careful not to wring them too tightly as this can cause the cuticles to fray. 


6. Optional: After gently patting your extensions dry, add a hair oil to the ends. This helps moisturize, nourish and even detangle your extensions.

7. Brush out your freshly cleaned extensions. Make sure to start at the bottom and move upward to avoid pulling any hair or causing any breakage. We recommend using a wide toothed comb or Wetbrush to avoid breakage.

8. Finally, lay them flat to dry or clip them to a skirt hanger to dry. When air dried our extensions add the perfect beach wave! 

In just 8 steps you have freshly washed extensions and you’re on your way to the best hair day! 



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