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Valentine’s Day Lookbook

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook

6 Simple Hairstyles that will bring your look from day to date! It doesn’t have to be complicated to be cute. With the addition of a few accessories and our best hair hacks you’ll be ready to go this Valentine’s Day. 


1. You can’t go wrong with a timeless look like this one! Use your favorite curling wand to achieve these gorgeous curls. For some added glam, twist a few strands back and secure them with your cutest hair clips


2. Claw Clips are everything right now and we are a fan! Skip the hot tools and throw your hair up this Valentine’s Day for a quick and effortless look. 


3. Braids are always a good idea. The simple addition of a few front braids to your everyday curls says you are ready to take on the day! 

4. The addition of a few hair accessories is sometimes all you need to level up your look. This simple hairdo shows you put in a little extra effort without trying too hard. It’s perfect for a night in or out! 



5. These rhinestones are giving us all the inspiration we need to manifest our best Valentines Day! Twist a few strands of hair back, secure with 3 clips and you’ve achieved this dreamy look. 

6. Last but certainly not least are these sassy pigtails! This sporty do is ideal for a casual date with your valentine or a night of binge watching rom coms with your best gals.


Blonde Model is wearing 21” Classic Set in Butterscotch.

Brunette Model is wearing 14” Fill-ins in Sweet Cola. 



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