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The #1 Hair Step You Are Probably Forgetting | BFB HAIR

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The #1 Hair Step You Are Probably Forgetting | BFB HAIR

For days when you are running late, on-the-go, or maybe you have a special event coming up... You NEED Fill-Ins. Perfect for adding back in extra volume/thickness to your current hair, no length! If you are super low-maintenance when it comes to your hair, or maybe you have always struggled with thinning locks, the Fill-Ins will be your new bestie.

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Which length is best for me?

Picking your fill-ins should be easy, considering we have just 2 different lengths. If your hair is on the shorter side (a bit below your shoulder bone or shorter) you will want to opt for the 14" Fill-Ins. We have a 35 gram and 50 gram option, only difference is 50 G is a bit more hair for more thickness/volume. If you aren't sure which option would work best for you, we are always here to help via our Live Chat or Instagram DMS! And for those of us with hair past our chest, 18" Fill-Ins will be the one. Keep reading to learn how to clip in your Fill-Ins in seconds.

How to clip-in your fill-ins:

The best part about our extensions is that they are all clip-ins! Easy to clip in and out when you need, and super versatile when it comes to hairstyles. Just like you would clip in a barrette or hair clip, the fill-ins are somewhat similar. You will get the hang of it within seconds. Watch our video below to see how we like to clip-in our fill-ins, or keep scrolling for some hairstyle ideas! 

Different hairstyles you can do with your fill-ins:

 Shade Shown: Golden Sands

Shade Shown: Iced Latte

Shade Shown: Golden Sands

How to wash your fill-ins:

When it comes to washing your extensions, consider this one of the easiest steps. You really only need to wash extensions when you notice excess product buildup or grease. The longer you can go in between washes, the better! Simply hold extensions over your sink and get to washing, try your best to hold your clips out of the water. P.s. no need to wash extensions in between heat styling. Just make sure to use a heat protectant & set hot tools to 350.




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