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5 Heatless Hairstyles To Try This Summer | BFB HAIR

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5 Heatless Hairstyles To Try This Summer | BFB HAIR

Summer is slowly approaching and the weather is definitely heating up, but we're ready for it! When it comes to warmer weather, we are all about the heatless hairstyles, but mostly we need our hair out of our face. That is a must for us. No more throwing hair up in a ponytail or pulling out the straightener. Heatless, yes please! Today we have rounded up a list of our top 5 heatless hairstyles that you NEED to try this summer!

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LOOK #1: Dutch braids

Product Shown: 14" Fill-Ins 50 G (Golden Sands)

Did you know that you can use your Fill-Ins for pigtails or braids without extensions peeking through? We have a special trick... Insert Fill-Ins at an angle down the back of your head, that way the back of your head is extension-free and can easily be parted. If you are confused, watch our tutorial below and see how we¬†achieved voluminous dutch braids with 14" Fill-Ins!¬†‚¨áÔłŹ‚¨áÔłŹ

LOOK #2: Low messy bun

Product Shown: 18" Fill-Ins (Iced Latte)

Nothin' better than a messy bun, but you may need a bit more hair for this one. For this hairstyle Macie is wearing Fill-Ins to make her bun thicker & give her more hair to work with for her braid.

LOOK #3: Boho Pony

 Product Shown: 21" Classic Set (Iced Latte)

We love a long ponytail.. For this hairstyle we clipped in a 21" Classic Set for ALL the volume and length! We then pulled hair back into a low pony and added a few fishtail braids. The messier the better for this one!

LOOK #4: Claw clip it up!

Jumbo Marbled Claw Clip

ÔĽŅÔĽŅFor the days when you just can't even, you need a claw clip. We have a few different color options for those with long and short hair. Grab your jumbo claw clip here!

Look #5: Thick & sleek buns

The UP

Our #1 bun hack has got to be the UP! Thicker, longer, buns & ponytails are in your future! Simply part your hair half up & clip in your ultra thick weft (the UP). Pull hair back into your desired bun and boom! Thick, lucious & sleek buns in 1..2..3..

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