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TikTok's New Trend: Hair Theory | With BFB Hair

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TikTok's New Trend: Hair Theory | With BFB Hair

We are major hair lovers here, obviously, and couldn't pass up a good hair trend. One of the most popular trends going around the TikTok world right now is called the Hair Theory. With over 100 million views and thousands of videos circulating around, we're sure you've seen this one! You know how we tend to feel differently about ourselves depending on how our hair is styled? Some of us are still in our clean girl era & love rocking a slicked bun, while others of us need some messy waves on the daily. We all have our go-to's and look + feel different in them! We're here to go over TikTok's hair theory trend + how you can achieve so many different hairstyle looks using BFB Hair.

The Hair Theory trend is everywhere right now. The point of this type of video is to showcase yourself in different hairstyles, and how different you feel + look in them. The meaning behind this theory is that the way you wear  your hair for the day, can directly impact the way you feel in this world. While this trend does have a deeper meaning in mind, it truly shows you how important someones hair is to them. Let's unlock our new personas through different hairstyles! 🔓

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Short locks:

For our babes with short hair, you need the 14" Fill-InsPerfect to add back in some thickness & volume for those of us with shorter locks (no length). If you recently chopped your hair & are majorly missing that long mermaid hair, we have Classic Sets for that! Longer hair can be achieved in minutes. 24" Classic Set for the mermaid hair of your dreams. Keep scrolling to see how we make our short hair look long, naturally!! 

Long locks:

Nothing we love more than long, luscious, locks. But sometimes the process of getting there seems impossible. On days when we want to wear our hair down, we love playing around with the 21" Classic Set. Not only do you get some extra volume/thickness, but length as well. For our babes with long hair already, the 21" Classic Set is a great option for adding back in some thickness to your current hair length.

If you want mermaid hair for days, opt for the 24" Classic Set

Shade Shown: Sandalwood 24" Classic Set 

Wear your hair up:

On the days when you need your hair out of your face, you need the UP. An ultra-thick weft, perfect for adding in length + volume to all of your favorite up-dos! If you like high ponytails, braids, or maybe you're still in your clean girl era and love a good slicked back bun, the UP is  the ultimate addition for thicker looking buns.

Change up your hair shade:

We love the idea of using your extensions to incorporate in different tones and dimension. If you wanted to add in extra brightness or highlights to your current hair color without going back to the salon, clip-ins are the real deal! Or maybe you are someone who loves playing around with different hair colors and lengths, BFB has you covered!! If you need extra help choosing your shade, DM our expert color matching team to get shade + product recommendation in a timely manner. @bfbhair

Shade Shown: Melt My Heart


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